Source code for plumbum.cli.termsize

Terminal size utility
from __future__ import division, print_function, absolute_import
import os
import platform
import warnings
from struct import Struct

[docs]def get_terminal_size(default=(80, 25)): """ Get width and height of console; works on linux, os x, windows and cygwin Adapted from Originally from: """ current_os = platform.system() if current_os == 'Windows': # pragma: no cover size = _get_terminal_size_windows() if not size: # needed for window's python in cygwin's xterm! size = _get_terminal_size_tput() elif current_os in ('Linux', 'Darwin', 'FreeBSD', 'SunOS') or current_os.startswith('CYGWIN'): size = _get_terminal_size_linux() else: # pragma: no cover warnings.warn( "Plumbum does not know the type of the current OS for term size, defaulting to UNIX" ) size = _get_terminal_size_linux() if size is None: # we'll assume the standard 80x25 if for any reason we don't know the terminal size size = default return size
def _get_terminal_size_windows(): # pragma: no cover try: from ctypes import windll, create_string_buffer # type: ignore STDERR_HANDLE = -12 h = windll.kernel32.GetStdHandle(STDERR_HANDLE) csbi_struct = Struct("hhhhHhhhhhh") csbi = create_string_buffer(csbi_struct.size) res = windll.kernel32.GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(h, csbi) if res: _, _, _, _, _, left, top, right, bottom, _, _ = csbi_struct.unpack( csbi.raw) return right - left + 1, bottom - top + 1 return None except Exception: return None def _get_terminal_size_tput(): # pragma: no cover # get terminal width # src: try: tput = local['tput'] cols = int(tput('cols')) rows = int(tput('lines')) return (cols, rows) except Exception: return None def _ioctl_GWINSZ(fd): yx = Struct("hh") try: import fcntl import termios return yx.unpack(fcntl.ioctl(fd, termios.TIOCGWINSZ, '1234')) except Exception: return None def _get_terminal_size_linux(): cr = _ioctl_GWINSZ(0) or _ioctl_GWINSZ(1) or _ioctl_GWINSZ(2) if not cr: try: fd =, os.O_RDONLY) cr = _ioctl_GWINSZ(fd) os.close(fd) except Exception: pass if not cr: try: cr = (int(os.environ['LINES']), int(os.environ['COLUMNS'])) except Exception: return None return cr[1], cr[0]